You Inc,. Develop & Flourish as a Leader

Tuesday 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM


Session Description

Leadership effectiveness is one of the critical challenges faced by many organizations in today’s market. The challenge for Human Resource professionals in the current landscape is to find ways to translate strategy and goals into leadership effectiveness. Leadership effectiveness is a never-ending journey, a life-long process of learning. It is a work in progress. This workshop will take you through an inward look at your leadership history; where you have been, where you are now and where you are looking to go. You will participate in a “Challenge” that will uncover who you are as a leader.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify your own leadership strengths and area to improve
  2. Apply the leadership practices to a current business challenge
  3. Determining how well you perceive what’s going on around you
  4. Creating an Action Plan for your future



Carolyn Rivera

Carolyn has been a Human Resource Executive for over 30 years. Her areas of expertise include: Leadership Development, Learning & Development, Talent Management, Performance Management, Operations and linking performance to business results. Her responsibilities included creating and executing strategic business plans, implementing a performance based culture and achieving business results through Change Management Practices. Her focus throughout her corporate career has been developing Leaders. Leadership has been a passion for Carolyn and she has been able to use this to help organizations achieve far beyond what they initially thought possible. She attributes her success to her need to constantly learn and grow. Forward thinking and looking for what’s possible. Carolyn looks at Personal Leadership first. Lead yourself to achieve more, push your own limits, take off all constraints and when you do that effectively you can then lead people in your organization to achieve more. Model behaviors that link business goals to team results. Accountability for yourself and your team.

Carolyn has had both front-line experience as well as partnership experience which has given her a well-rounded background to succeed in any environment. More than 25 years of her career was spent in Learning & Development. Linking learning plans to business needs and building leadership bench strength in each and every company.