Simple Engagement Strategies that WORK!

Thursday 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Session Description

Come to this presentation and prepare to be entertained, challenged and engaged. I will use the latest concepts and trends to help you think outside the box of engagement. You will leave this presentation feeling like an Engagement Super Ninja Warrior.

Learning Objectives

1. Explore common and uncommon employee engagement strategies.
2. Identify how to easily implement cost effective strategies to keep top talent.
3. Explain what it takes to build a solid reputation in the community and company culture.


Christopher Fields MLHR

Chris Fields is a HR professional with a Master’s in HR and Labor from Ohio State University. He is the Owner and Operator of the Resume Crusade, a business established to help job seekers of all levels. He uses the information he gathers from job seekers to crack the codes of employee engagement, retention and recruitment.