I’m Not Dead: Finding Strength & Resilience From Sterotypes

Thursday 7:30 – 8:30 AM

Session Description

Learning Objectives

  1. How to be resilient among peers and colleagues
  2. Knowing your strength and harnessing it for a positive outcome
  3. Pain is temporary, know your value and visionary


Clint Bradley

Growing up gay in the small town of Silver City, Oklahoma, Clinton Shane Bradley could have approached life with bitterness. However, in his personal and professional life, Clinton’s tireless optimism and kindness inspired others to embrace life with compassion and dignity. With over 16 years in the Human Resources Management and Talent Acquisition field, Clinton is devoted to helping employees thrive and businesses make the most of their resources. Clinton is currently the Owner and Operator of Express Employment Professionals in Overland Park, KS and serves as the Diversity and Inclusion Director for SHRM KC.