How to Build a Thriving Culture: Hire for Versatility!

Friday 8:00 – 9:00 AM

Session Description

We hire people for WHAT THEY KNOW. They have the skills and experience we can see on a resume or hear during a conversation with them. Unfortunately, we fire people for WHO THEY ARE. They simply don’t fit into our organization’s culture, even though they still possess those same skills and experience that won you over in the first place. When we make an offer, how do we know a particular candidate is going to be a good fit for our organizational culture?

We don’t.

But we can start hiring for VERSATILITY, a leading indicator of how well people adapt to a new environment and structure. People who are more versatile–you might call it adaptable–have a greater chance of fitting into our organization’s culture.

Dan explains in detail how we read the clues to versatility, starting with the application processes and following through with how we interview and ultimately select candidates who will improve our culture and business results. You’ll be surprised to learn the clues to versatility are everywhere, once you learn what to look for!

Learning Objectives

  1. Why it’s so critical we hire for versatility
  2. How we go about hiring for versatility
  3. How our culture actually becomes our brand


Dan Day

Dan Day’s game-changing thinking has been called “A very important concept that’s a brand-new way to think about people, brands and marketing” by one university.

He was on the BI Worldwide executive team when it won the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for performance excellence, presented by the President of the U.S. In his current role as Director of Global Markets for TRACOM, Dan helps audiences around the world build learning solutions that change individual behaviors and drive organizational change.

He is the author of Brandtender Marketing: True Customer Engagement From the Inside Out and numerous articles for national publications. A recognized author, leader and brand expert, Dan is a member of the National Speakers Association, Certified Competent Toastmaster and has presented to thousands at universities, associations and businesses, always in an entertaining, down-to-earth style.