Internal Investigations: Wage & Hour Practices Under Attack

Thursday 1:45 – 2:45 PM

Session Description

Wage and hour class and collective actions continue to be a hot-button threat for all employers. But internally investigating, or auditing, wage and hour issues may be tricky. Employers must regularly investigate their wage and hour practices. Whether an internal investigation starts merely as a best practice or because of an internal complaint, Department of Labor inquiry, or lawsuit, the investigation must be handled carefully. Class action liability is the last thing any employer wants as a result of its internal investigation or audit.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify best practices for organizing and conducting a wage & hour internal investigation or audit
  2. Understand options for protecting information discovered during a wage & hour internal investigation or audit
  3. Review creative options for correcting problems discovered during a wage & hour internal investigation or audit to avoid wage & hour class action lawsuits


Denise Drake JD

Denise K. Drake is passionate about helping employers proactively avoid litigation, strategically defend against lawsuits, and improve their workplaces based on best practices. Known for her creative and practical approach, Denise has conducted numerous wage and hour internal audits and successfully defended many nationwide class action lawsuits. Clients say: “Denise is known for her fantastic client relations and great litigation skills.” “Denise is very easy to work with and very responsive.” “Denise does not overwhelm me with legal mumbo-jumbo or expensive memos. She is efficient and communicative. She gets on with the job with a minimum of fuss.”