60 Awareness

Thursday 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Session Description

Life is hectic. It moves at a faster pace each and every day. Most people are trying to do more in less time and that equals higher stress which means a less enjoyable life. Then we try to “escape” through numbing agents (drinking, excessive working, drugs, pornography, movies); anything that gets us “away” from it all.

  • How can we tap into our brains so that we increase our capacity?
  • How can we do more with less stress?
  • How can we do more with our brains, and in turn, with our selves?

There is a very proven and effective way. It is called awareness. By increasing your awareness, you increase your capacity. You increase your ability do to more things, in a better, faster manner. You are able to savor more moments, to find the joy, to keep a positive mental framework so you have more energy, and to have a greater ability to know where you are mentally and emotionally, to deal with everything better and to use your own mind as a mental vacation.
The purpose of this workshop is to tap into the incredible tool known as your brain. To become more aware of yourself, and of others, so you increase your capacity and become more effective in everything you do.

Learning Objectives

  1. Heighten your alertness so you notice more of what is going on inside your head
  2. Heighten your ability to see what is going on around you
  3. Help you better understand WHY things are happening


Frank & Rachel Keck

Frank and Rachel Keck opened the Excellerant doors in 2010 on a mission to help companies and individuals be better than they found them. That mission has evolved as Frank and Rachel have evolved. Today, Excellerant targets four key areas: Who You Are, Who Others Are, How to Stay True to Who You Are, and How to Create the Life (Culture) You Want.

Frank brings a keen understanding of people that led to his title: The People Whisperer. He disrupts and engages. Rachel brings a driving force of creating opportunity for un-learning/re-learning and self-understanding. She listens and integrates.

The Kecks are based in Kansas City and have worked with City of Lenexa, FDA, Hawthorne Residential Properties, Coca-Cola, Texas A&M, Ford, Community Blood Center, ASTD, and Kiewit along with other national companies and micro-enterprises.