Making Millennials Great…5 Pillars for Building the Next Generation

Wednesday 10:45 AM-Noon

Session Description

Are you looking for new strategies to turn your millennial employees into “rock star” performers?

Jeff and Randy have been doing just that for the past decade. Jeff brings 28 years of experience as a human resources professional, coach, and father of three millennials. Now, as a “headhunter” he finds himself successfully recruiting millennials for his clients. Randy, a millennial himself, has held leadership roles where he has inspired other millennials.

Through humorous anecdotes, live action role play, real-life stories and interactive participation, they’ve created a program which enables participants to learn what will unlock your millennials potential at work.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how to unlock the true potential of the millennial generation.
  2. Enable participants to develop a systematic plan to optimize the performance of millennials in their organization.
  3. Prepare participants to go back to their organizations and advocate to leadership that the millennials have the potential to be the next great generation.
  4. Motivate participants to stop complaining about the millennials and do something about it.


Jeff Kortes

Jeff has more than 25 years experience in human resources in both plant and corporate settings. Jeff runs his own company, Human Asset Management LLC, which helps organizations to recruit, engage, develop and retain their best people. He is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and a frequent speaker on the topic of retention, engagement, and recruitment. Jeff is the author of Employee Retention Fundamentals…No Nonsense Strategies to Retain Your Best People and Welcome to Dodge…Tales from the Frontiers of Business. For more information visit