The Networking Shift: How to Stop Wasting Time and Turn Relationships Into Results

Wednesday 10:45 AM-Noon

Session Description

In today’s business environment, it’s more critical than ever to grow your network of professional and personal connections.

Typical networking programs only focus on what to do AT or AFTER an event. Using the unique views and tactics outlined in Your Connecting Advantage, Joyce Layman provides a step by step process to position yourself and strategically grow your network of meaningful relationships (online and offline).

Learning Objectives

  1. Attendees will learn the three biggest networking mistakes people make that cost them time and opportunities.
  2. They will expand their beliefs about what’s possible through networking, and elevate their confidence for making connections.
  3. They will gain insights to strategically build a network of the right relationships based on their business and professional development goals


Joyce Layman

As a former wallflower in the world of business networking, Joyce Layman knows firsthand what it takes to overcome the greatest obstacle you’ll face – the four inches between your ears. She’s now referred to by many as a walking LinkedIn. Bob Burg, best-selling author of the Go-Giver calls her the greatest networker in the world.

Joyce combines her extensive training and experience in the science of mindset and the art of business connections to provide the one-two punch that helps her clients create a connecting advantage over their counterparts and their competition.