Are My Co-Workers Aliens? – Discovering the True Key to Communication

Wednesday 10:45 AM-Noon

Session Description

We all have days that we think our co-workers are from another planet. Chances are more likely you aren’t “speaking their language.” Staying motivated to reach your full potential and remain engaged requires adapting how you communicate to meet the other person at his or her comfort zone. This session teaches you how to meet the other person on their terms, not yours, so you’ll be certain your message is received loud and, most of all, clear.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how to recognize your own communication comfort zone (CCZ) as well as others
  2. Know the benefits each CCZ brings to a cohesive team
  3. Know the challenges each brings to a team
  4. How to flex your communication style
  5. How to avoid conflict by eliminating surface level personality differences


Lauren Schieffer

As the daughter of a career Air Force officer, Lauren Schieffer grew up being uprooted and relocated every couple of years. This imbued her with a profound independence and ability to adapt to changing circumstances. The lessons she learned from “The Colonel” have helped her make smart decisions and overcome adversity with humility and a sense of humor.

Lauren has navigated just about every aspect of corporate America in her varied career – from trucking to achieving top-tier Sales Director status for a global cosmetics firm to managing a non-profit foundation. In her speaking career, she has presented in seven countries to associations, organizations, federal, state and local governments, as well as Fortune 500 companies – helping them improve the effectiveness of their communication and reduce unnecessary conflict.

Lauren is a Certified Speaking Professional through the NSA and IFFPS. Able to relate to and energize everyone from the custodial staff to C-Level executives, Lauren is a master storyteller, delivering insightful, inspirational and relevant content that empowers people to absorb and act upon what they’ve heard – and she does so in an entertaining manner with a dry sense of humor that keeps them chuckling while they’re learning.

Her enthusiasm is infectious and her passion unmistakable.