Social Recruiting – Let’s Get Engaged

Wednesday 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Session Description

Get ready to learn how to attract some of the best candidates in the industry through multiple social platforms. Hear how social recruiting reduces cost per hire, time to hire, and higher quality candidates. Learn why social recruiting is also the best way to expand your brand, increase organizational visibility, engage with candidates and strengthen your culture.

Learning Objectives

  1. Determine best practices in using multiple social media platforms for recruitment
  2. Identify which platforms to use
  3. Discuss how to measure engagement and why metrics are important


Rachelle Roberts

Splitting time between the Washington DC and Scottsdale AZ areas and with 17 years of HR industry experience, Rachelle is actively engaged in talent acquisition and HR consulting. She provides clients with the expertise needed to connect with and match great candidates. Rachelle also works with clients to enhance the candidate experience, create winning talent acquisition strategies and provide performance management guidance and planning.

Previous to launching her consulting practice 4 years ago, Rachelle worked in the media industry with Gannett/USAToday and in federal technology consulting with Deloitte’s Federal Government Services Practice. She has supported both established organizations and entrepreneurial ventures…industries include everything from diamonds and jewelry to explosive devices and cyber security to software forensics and defense acquisition to retirement and financial planning. Clients include professional services, like Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Juniper Networks.

Rachelle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from West Virginia University and a Master’s degree in Strategic Human Capital Management from Georgetown University. She’s a blogger, speaker and former Virginia SHRM Social Media Director. She’s been featured in the Virginia SHRM magazine and in the popular, Real Simple magazine.

When she’s not consulting or blogging? She’s busy keeping up with her 3 boys and 2 step-sons…her very own “boy band”.

Connect on Twitter: @CorporateHRGirl or email: