Why Your Biz Is Short on Top Performers – Hacking Peak Performance

Thursday 7:30 – 8:30 AM

Session Description

Do you find yourself looking around your organization and wondering why there aren’t more high performing employees? Well you’re not alone. More and more organizations are trying to solve the puzzle of peak performance. In a modern market place where competition is key, you can’t afford to have anyone but the best on your team. So how do you find them, engage them, and keep them? Join performance consultant Shawn Buxton as he shares some of the keys he’s learned during his 20 year career working with top performers in Fortune 500 companies across several industries. With experience in the US, UK, Canada and even Central America – Shawn’s unique perspective is always interesting and full of action based advice to take back to your organization. Don’t miss this session where Shawn will give you the real world reasons your biz may be short on top performers.

Learning Objectives

  1. How to find, engage and keep top performers
  2. How to set yourself apart from your competition in recruitment
  3. How do high impact employees impact your company’s bottom line – and productivity – or do they?


Shawn Buxton

Shawn Buxton is a professional speaker, consultant, and performance coach who has worked in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and most recently Central America. For the past 19 years Shawn has devoted his career to coaching and teaching leaders for multiple Fortune 100 companies like Staples, J.P. Morgan, and HCA Healthcare.